The DapperLads Family
DapperLads began in 1998 with an early web presence devoted to adding a more youthful handsomeness and style to boys special occasion and holiday clothes. As the first, or close to it, on the web with a childrens clothing store devoted just to boys clothes, DapperLads quickly found its niche. A fondness for the olden day styles of boys clothing turned into the cornerstone of DapperLads looks. Affordability was key from the start in connecting with young moms fast growing boys and ofttimes limited budgets. "Why spend a lot if they might only be wearing the suit once?" owner, Becky Rosen, philosophized. Variety was also key as a way to combat blandness in the boys clothing market. Lots of color choices and a full array of accessories for boys provided the backdrop for adding spirit, creativity and self-expression into the look of each dapper lad. Along the way, DandyLasses girls clothing was added for brother-sister matching looks. Pictured above are the original DapperLads models, sons Grant, Mitchell and Jacob.
The DapperLads Story
My husband, Steve, a software engineer, had a project where the client requested that their product be delivered in a web version. He had to quickly learn web languages and ask me to give him an idea to play with to learn how to build a web site. Having three small boys and always feeling discouraged with shopping in department stores at the slight of stylish boys clothes, I quickly suggested a clothing store for boys. I picked the name, DapperLads, because I envisioned outfits for little boys with a genteel look of Victorian era England - something between tees and jeans or mens suits in child sizes. The dummy site, without trying, was somehow discovered and I started getting e-mails from moms asking when the site was going “live” as they were desperate to find cute boys clothes for various upcoming occasions. My husbands words at the time were “ready or not, you are going into business!” And, so began DapperLads. Thank you to all our customers for your patronage through the years. I have loved seeing many of the outfits come alive on your adorable children. Becky Rosen